History of the Library

The Rainbow Lake Municipal Library was established on December 16, 1974. The first Chairperson was Mr.R. LaForge and the first Librarian was also the Board Secretary, Miss A.M. Dagorn. The Library functioned exclusively by volunteers at this time and continued to be a volunteer-based organization up until the late 1980's.

The first location of the Rainbow Lake Municipal Library was in the area beside the grocery store, and the official opening date was June 16, 1976. A Grand Opening followed on Canada Day. Patrons were allowed one book for one week and adults were charged $2.00 per year for a library membership.

In 1988, The Rainbow Lake Municipal Library joined the Peace Library System to improve library services for its patrons. In 1993, the Town of Rainbow Lake built a Recreational Complex, and our library moved in. We now have a substantial library collection as well as free public access to computers and the internet.

Spring 2016, the Library Board attended and presented a proposal to the Town of Rainbow Lake focusing on the fact that accessibility to the library was of the utmost importance to help foster and encourage community spirit. Promoting and maximizing the use of library services for all community services for all community members without the obstacle of the stairs, as patronage and services offered are on the rise. In October 2017 with great support from the community and friends of the Library & Board, Town Council considered all facts and agreed to find the Library a new accessible space. In December 2017, Town Council moved to relocate RLML to ground level. They will consider all important aspects to ensure the building will be accessible without limitations to all community members with an expected date of November 2018. With ongoing issues at the Town, this has been postponed indefinitely. 

Our modest library was started by volunteers and continues to grow support with an active board and a dedicated and enthusiastic librarian. It serves our community of approximately 800 permanent residents and many transient workers in Rainbow Lake. The aim of the Rainbow Lake Municipal Library is to support the community by meeting the vision and mission statement established to provide inclusiveness to all.